Our Projects

Vast Arts coordinates several large projects per year. All have the aim of providing opportunities to artists in western Queensland to increase the visibility and viability of their work in their communities. 

If you have an idea we would love to hear it! Contact Vast Arts and we can offer assistance in developing your idea to a workable project, funding your project, contacts and networks that can help, and more. 
NEW Gallery Management and Curatorial Development Workshops for western Queensland

Vast Arts is pleased to announce that we were successful in gaining funding from the recent round of the Regional Arts Fund. Vast Arts Inc intends to produce a program of curatorial and gallery management workshops to be delivered in strategic venues throughout western Queensland. The aim of the program is to cultivate regional artists and also gallery management committees and volunteers; to develop professional knowledge and skills to enable regional artists to understand the curatorial process and therefore develop cohesive, well-developed exhibitions; and to ensure that artists and art workers will develop the skills to run a gallery and hang and present an exhibition to a high standard. This program is expected to commence in February 2019.

If you are an artist or a member of an organisation or committee in western Queensland and would like more information about this project please do not hesitate to contact Vast Arts admin@vastarts.net

This project is made possible by the Australian Government's Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia.


Connections is an ongoing program that aims to reduce the isolation of working and living in a remote part of Australia by providing communications and networks to artists in the region. Anyone can connect, it's easy!

Vast Arts has been running the Connections program for many years. It is only recently that the many facets of the program have been brought together under the one title of 'Connections'. This is part of the organisations' core business - to provide information, support, and a network for artists across the vast region that is western Queensland.
Connections consist of the following
- a fortnightly newsletter containing details of events in the region, art news and also funding and competition opportunities
- email updates of events and opportunities which may be of interest to members
- social media updates
- support and advice for localised projects
- development of ideas and projects which fall in line with Vast Arts core business
- promotion of members work and connection with galleries and other opportunities
Connections aims to reduce the effects of living, working and creating in a isolated region. The area of western Queensland serviced by Vast Arts comprises over 600,000km square and has a sparse population throughout compared with coastal and metropolitan areas. Opportunities are available in this region however usualy involve large amounts of travel and other hindrances with make accessibility difficult. By providing a network of like-minded people and a channel of information Vast Arts is able to support the arts in our communities.
You can be part of this by joining Vast Arts.

You can also benefit from our Connections project by joining our mailing list. Simply complete the form on the HOME page.

The Vast Arts Guide

The Vast Arts Guide is a complete guide to the arts and culture sites in central and south west Queensland. Originally called the Kunmurri Art Trail, the first edition in 2011 was a resounding success and a following has been build from there.

Artist studios, galleries, public sculpture sites and other experiences are included on maps of each major town along with contact details, websites, etc that enable the people to come to the art. Western Queensland has a great deal to offer the cultural tourist and the Vast Arts Guide is the one stop guide for both locals and visitors to this region.

The Vast Arts Guide is a biennial publication with the next edition due for distribution in March 2018 for 2018/2019.  You can be included in the Guide as part of your membership
Artist Development Program

This project is at the core of Vast Arts mission - to provide an opportunity to artists in western Queensland to further their career. It provided participants with business and other skills needed to make art their career more sucessful, gain industry contacts and expand networks.  The culmination was a curated group exhibtion that launched in Brisbanein April 2015 and went on to tour regional galleries for over two years

Way Out West. Life. Place. Red dirt. was the name given to the exhibition bythe artists and reflected their lifestyles and their place in western Queensland. 

Participants gaied insights into
- setting up an arts business
- promoting yourself and your art
- preparing for an exhibition
- connecting with commercial galleries
- the curating process and behind the scenes of a commercial gallery
- hosting a gallery exhibition 

The exhibition closed at Mitchell on Maranoa Gallery in March 2017. Plans are underway for another artist development program, contact Vast Arts if you would like to be involved.
Vast Arts Photography Competition and Exhibition 

An annual competition that highlights the unique beauty of this region. Our focus is on regional photographers and providing them a wide audience to view and appreciate their work.

The winning entries and printed and framed, forming a touring exhibition that is a vibrant portrayal of our region. ​The last exhibition was titled Out. Back. and launched at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.

This project is now a biennial competition and the next competiton is scheduled for 2018.